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For the last 20 years we have been operating as a specialised provider of road safety books and products for teachers and children and now pride ourselves as being one of the country’s leading suppliers.

Every week more than 300 children in the UK become casualties on our roads and over 100 of those are pedestrians. We would probably all agree that learning about being safe on the roads is of paramount importance.

Learning how to be safe in the road environment is what we are all about, culminating in our 5 alive Roadwise Primary Schools Project, providing a road safety education curriculum for all children aged 3-11. We were honoured to be finalists in the Education Resources Awards 2015, especially as this was the very first time a road safety resource had ever featured in those awards.

Helping Children to be safer and wiser on the road is what we are about.

• The Project has already been adopted by many schools in all parts of the UK.

• Birmingham and Sandwell authorities have agreed to become partners.

• The project was also a finalist in the Education Resources Awards.

• Companies are adopting our project and sponsoring schools.

We have a full range of Road Safety products, including; books for Families and Home-Educators to use with children, Award winning Story books - all with road safety within the stories, a song and Bookmarks with the 5alive Code for Crossing the Road.

There are also packs for Small groups, Families and Home-Educators. Roadwise Education enables adults to help children to be wiser and safer on the road.

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We are very happy to visit school consortiums or other primary groups to show them the Project and we are available during school holidays as well as in term-time.

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